The Lockdown Blues

When we paused…

By Julia Ruppert

I run small arts and wellbeing organisation that of course involves face to face contact. Lockdown not only put an abrupt end to the projects I was running it also removed my connection with others and my sense of purpose. I began to consider where I might find a sense of meaning and solace and I negotiated this deep feeling of loneliness and realised that in this asking this question, I was probably not alone. In response, I launched a virtual exhibition that asked others to consider where we find meaning and solace as we negotiated this shared yet solitary global experience.

For me, the project provided a grounding sense of reconnection to the experiences of others. #whenwepaused presents a visual time capsule of the responses of strangers from across the world as we collectively and creatively negotiated the pandemic and
considered the meaning and solace that might support an antidote.
At a time when I felt lost and alone, the project helped me find a sense of purpose and a connection to the experiences of others. and I hope looking at it or taking part, gave (continues to give) this same sense of connection to others.

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