The Lockdown Blues
3 colourful illustrations - person on esclatator, a head in foliage, a person under a bridge.


How did you feel about loneliness and solitude, or spending time alone before the crisis? How did lockdown change the way you connect with other people? What are your feelings on lockdown being eased, and what are your thoughts about the future?

This is a collective scrapbook, so you can be creative and colourful if you like. We want you to contribute in whatever format best represents your ideas, thoughts, experiences and feelings.

There are 4 ways of submitting to our site:

1) Email us at

2) Use the form on this page

3) Send to us via post here: address coming soon!

4) You can also contribute by social media, using the hashtag: #lonelycovid

All submissions will be checked by the project team to make sure they comply with our principles, so please read our guidance before getting in touch. Once approved, they will be published in the Scrapbook area of our new website. All posts in the scrapbook will be anonymous unless you would prefer to be named. As we are carrying out this project in collaboration with Exeter Phoenix and Devon Libraries, we are hoping to exhibit some of your contributions in physical spaces when this is possible. As with the online scrapbook, we will ensure your anonymity in any of your printed work displayed during the exhibition.

If you know someone who is not online and would like to send a contribution, then we have postcards available which are free to return. Please email us here: As with all online/public galleries and archives, under Creative Common Public Licences, copyright will remain with you as the contributor.

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