The Lockdown Blues
Boardgame pieces. A group of red pieces on one side, and a purple piece on its own on the other.

Life in lockdown: alone in company

By whatsernaimee

I’m one of the odd ones.

COVID outed my vulnerability, despite my age

My shield is heavy, it weighs a tonne

Forgotten for a while, neglect turned to rage

Then they remembered us.


We went from all to nothing, then back again

In less time than it took for all our ‘normal’ friends.


If only we could ‘pause’

The crippling anxiety, despair and fear

Every time someone comes too near.


Get back out! Enjoy the summer! Go back to work!

Gather outside in socially distanced revelry!

But I’ve still got that shield

And it’s still heavy.


I’m with my friends, with my family, but alone

Watching them get close, too close

Acts I can’t condone

So more than ever, I’m the odd one out

Alone in company, socially isolated, distanced by my own fear and doubt.


I’m watching, on the periphery

My peers who have never truly

Ever had to face their own mortality

Everyone else, secure, in their little bubble

What I wouldn’t give… for just a little cuddle.

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