The Lockdown Blues
A head in a stack of foliage/a forest.

How to survive isolation in Covid times…

By LC 08/07/2020

Have a routine.

Be flexible.

Average 5 fruit and veg daily but eat more of them – you have the time.

Smile when you read, think or watch TV.

It’s good exercise.

Move as much as you can and be moved.

Be very moved.

Ask for help.

Accept help.

Live with orderliness – it shows you care.

Nod to flowers.

Wave to trees.

Hug yourself hard.


Make each day a golden opportunity day.

Make something.


Treasure those random acts of support.

The universe is listening.

Do something.

Cleaning but not too much.

Be flexible.

Have a routine.

Sturdy walking shoes help.

Go to those places in your meditations.

Spiteful people have suffered somewhere along the line.

Put downs teach us that some rise up by putting others down.

Draw that bow and rain on them those arrows of love.

Learn something new.

Keep learning.


Keep sharing.

Be flexible.

Listen to music and sing along.

Ring your children and talk about good times to come.

Tell them of your love for them.

Have a routine.

At the end of the day, clean kitchen surfaces before attending to your own hygiene.

Practise out-of-the-body experiences with divine sunsets and delicious moons.

Have thoughts but think hard about your opinions.

Where do they come from?

Restrict your intake of news from TV, radio and other sources.

Watch, listen and read regularly.

Spare a thought for those who yearned for power through leadership.

Hope those arrows hit those targets..

Be flexible.

Acknowledge beauty.

Acknowledge ALL truths whose roots lie in human experience.

Stay afloat with those truths.

Learn about the Uyghurs in China, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia and all who live here be-cause they would otherwise die there..

Open windows often.

Have a routine.

Remember the universe gets stronger when you are kind to yourself.

Tidy up.

Don’t forget to drink water, wine and human kindness.

Be flexible.

Love as a matter of routine.



LC 08/07/2020

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