The Lockdown Blues

A Sense of Loss

By Robert Whitehouse

On January 4th, my wife lost her battle with cancer. After being her full time carer for 2 years, I was left devastated by her loss. Our 22nd wedding anniversary would have been on valentines day, so I organised a remembrance day for her instead. When I sat to write a eulogy for her, this poem came out instead. The feelings still hold as strong now, because in the last 8 months I have probably only spent about 7 days in the company of another person. My family live nearly 200 miles away and because I was caring full time for my wife never had the chance to make friends in the area. And then we went in to lockdown, when I most needed contact and a hug.
I hope anybody who finds themselves in a similar position of loss and isolation, will find a reflection of there own feelings in the words.

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