The Lockdown Blues

A Countryman

By Jan Millward

A Countryman.

Imagine a life spent mainly outdoors,

Where the fields are your carpets

The hedges your walls.

With the sun on your face

And the sting of the rain

Tending your flock, or planting the grain


Imagine a time when you looked to the sky

Sometimes too wet and sometimes too dry.

But the seasons rolled on

and you managed the land

if it’s not in your blood

you may not understand.


Imagine a man who knows every tree

And the roll of each hill from the gate to the sea,

And the days turn to weeks

And the months into years

Of a lifetime of joy

And occasional tears.


Imagine that man as he now grows old

And he struggles to walk back out in the fold.

Then he starts to forget

All his family and friends

and he worries about

where all this will end.


Imagine that man now stuck in the house

Inside those four walls, just him and his spouse

And she struggles to cope

As he’s slipping away

And their brightly lit world

Has all turned to grey.


But deep in his soul is the murmur of trees

The feel of the sun and the soft summers breeze

It’s all still inside

He just needs us to see

That he wants to get out

Where he can be free


Please don’t lock him away, it will do him more harm

Give him a chance to get back on a farm

Remember the man,

It is no disgrace

To get mud on his boots

and a smile on his face.

Jan Millward©





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